Thursday, January 6, 2011

6.2 I have a part time job

On Facebook I describe my job as:  Corrections Officer to a precocious nine year old.  I've had this job for two and a half years now.  His name is Eddie.  Not really, but I know that to be pc I should  protect his real identity.  So henceforth, the kid will be referred to as Eddie.

As I said, Eddie is a boy and he is nine years old.  Well the body is nine years old but I think the brain is forty!  He's always saying something that make me think, "What the heck, did he really just say that?"

Today we were on our way home from piano lesson and this was the discussion:

Eddie: ugh, my fingers are waxy
Me: why are your fingers waxy
Eddie: because they were in my ears
Me: um, ok

several seconds go by

Eddie: yuck! ear wax tastes terrible
Me: why are you eating earwax?
Eddie: I just wanted to see what it tasted like. I won't be doing that again, yuck!
Me: good to know

I came real close to telling him that cats really like earwax. (Did you know that? They really do! Over the years I've had many a cat, that given the opportunity, would love to lick inside a persons ear. And yes, I know that it is altogether GROSS! )

However I know if I told Eddie this little tidbit of info that I would find him digging in his ear and offering earwax up to Spunky. I don't need to encourage either one to participate in this gross activity.

Eddie had a homework assignment, he's learning measurements. We all were measured for height. Thank goodness it wasn't weight. I don't get paid enough to divulge that information.

Here's the measurement chart. Note the accompanying portraits.

nope, doesn't really look like Sarah, and I really don't think she's that tall. 

and me? Well my hair was looking pretty scraggly today. But, unless I've shrunk he's got me almost two inches shorter than my drivers license. 

this somewhat resembles Ian, note the shaggy chin. But again the numbers don't match up. 
71 3/4" isn't 6'1 3/4" 

Dale's isn't right either 

The question is .... are the three Frazier's taller than his measurements or are we all shrinking?  And who/what's right - the measuring tape, the kid, or the drivers licenses? 

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