Monday, January 10, 2011

For Once the Forecasters Were Right

We got snow! 

Lots more than our Christmas snow!!

I was beginning to wonder if it was really going to happen because the sun came and went and the clouds rolled in... but nothing fell from the skies.

Around 8:30 Mother called to say that it was snowing on the southside. And then friends on Facebook started posting status': It's snowing like crazy! Haven't seen it snow like this since 1993! Whoopie, Snow!!

And here......................... still nothing.
It was dry as a bone outside.

And then it started. 

Not slowly, but fast and furious.

BIG.FAT.WET. snowflakes!

in less than an hour, this is what we got!

Being the child that I am, I had to rush out and take photos. It didn't take long before the ground was covered.

Snow events in Georgia aren't like those in the north. We are not prepared for dealing with it. Our answer is to run out and stock up on milk, bread, chips and alcohol.

And then we hope and pray that the sand/salt trucks are full and that all three snow plows are in working order.  It looks like these guys are trying their best.

Hubby and I watched the eleven o'clock news and listened to forecasts of more snow to be followed by sleet and freezing rain. As we prepared for bed we wondered if conditions would close schools and if Dale's employers would call off work. A little after midnight I got news from Eddie's mom that her office was closed and he would not be coming here. Dale got up at his usual 6am to discover a text message that he had the day off.

Yay!    Snow Day!

I slept in until 9:30. After showering (yes we still need to look good, even on a snow day) I ventured outside to check out the snow and snap a few photos.

I almost hated to walk in it and mess it up with footprints. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Share the snow with the world! (important note for future reference - do not walk in the snow while wearing your crocs, it WILL result in cold, wet feet)

just in case someone wants to play musical chairs in the snow.

that's not a snow drift under the window, just a covered bush

our very own ice puddle? For some reason, in the middle of the driveway is a spot with no snow but frozen solid ice. Maybe we should try ice fishing?

sure hope that lightening struck tree doesn't buckle under the ice and fall, yikes!

for once, there are no cars at our intersection, not a sight you see here very often

at least we don't have to worry about people going faster than the speed limit (hopefully)

the "forest" across the road

the man-made hill on the other side of the road, it would be great for sledding except you'd land in the road and even now, that's not a safe idea here!

all our junk on the back porch is covered in snow, it was really blowing in (yes, this is more evidence that we might possibly be hoarders)

our wood source, bags of pellets for the stove, was covered too. I hope they don't freeze together. 

looks like we're ready for some snow clearing, ha!

this was a footprint in the snow, notice there is a sheet of ice under the snow. 

The winter storm warning has now been lifted, but we are under a winter ice advisory. Travel is not recommended. 
 as you can see, some people don't listen!

We are being encouraged to stay in our homes. I wonder how long it will be before we run out of food and drink and/or go stir-crazy from being cooped up inside. I guess time will tell. The extended outlook doesn't look like we'll be out of the woods anytime soon. 

That low Thursday night is skeering me!


  1. Great pictures!
    I grew up in Mississippi and I remember some horrible ice storms. People don't realize that when there are winter storms in the south, it isn't just snow. There is normally a blanket of ice underneath.
    Be careful and have fun!

  2. Great photos. Have to admit I am glad the storm has missed us. We use to stock up like that in Virginia but these days snow is second nature to us.


  3. Wow it looks so pretty! We don't get snow which I am more than likely thankful for but it is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing!