Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Second verse, same as the first is the third and fourth also. We still have snow. We still have ice. Will it ever go away? The one good thing about this winter event is that we never lost power. So many times when there is ice in Georgia it means downed power lines, fortunately that wasn't the case this time around.

While the schools are still closed, many offices reopened today. Dale felt like he should go in so off he went. He called me when he got there, an hour and twenty minutes later. He said it was just real slow going and the worse thing he experienced was hitting the ice upon exiting his car in the parking lot. Nothing was hurt, other than his pride.

He's back on the road again. He called me an hour into the drive and said he kept having to turn around and try another route because whichever way he went he found the road block.

He's not a happy camper and I don't blame him. I know that when he gets home he's going to be stressed to the max.

I think he might rethink going back tomorrow!

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