Saturday, January 22, 2011

One more busy day

We traveled to Rome today, Georgia not Italy, in case anyone was thinking we'd become world travelers. My Mother-in-law lives up there. We haven't seen her since Thanksgiving.  Yes, that was two months ago but don't think we've been ignoring her.  She bailed on us and went south with the birds.

Florida was too warm for her though and she decided to come home for the epic snow and ice storm. Not really, she never gets too warm and bad weather makes her much so that the day the storm hit her blood pressure went through the roof. Fortunately her good neighbor is a retired nurse who's always looking out for her. Dianna called 911 and waited with her for the paramedics to come.


It took awhile but the paramedics, after much effort, finally made it.  Alice lives in a very hilly neighborhood. The ambulance got stuck and couldn't make it up the hill to her house. They had to hike the rest of the way to her house. After checking her out the decision was made that she needed to go to the ER. They had to call for a pickup with chains to come and get them all and take them back down to the ambulance which would transport her to the hospital. After a couple of hours at the ER they got her BP down, couldn't find anything significantly wrong with her, and told her she was being released...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SNOW/ICE STORM.

The question is of the day was then asked "how does one get home from the hospital when they arrive via ambulance but are deemed fit to return home ...and have no one to come and take them home"? I guess I should mention here that no one else in the family lives in Rome. In fact the closest family member lives an hour away, Dale and I are two hours away, which didn't matter anyway because we were all stuck IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SNOW/ICE STORM and no one was going anywhere.

Two other angles of mercy paramedics volunteered to take her home in their pickup truck. A husband and wife team - what troopers! She said it was one scary ride home but they finally made it. The paramedics carried her into the house (wouldn't want her falling and breaking anything because then she would have to go back to the ER) and got her settled in before they left.

Anyway, to make a long story short (or is it too late for that?) we traveled to see her today. To check up on how she was feeling, to get her out of the house, and take care of any needs she had. We went to IHop for lunch, got her a good hot meal and made sure she ate it all. While I ran to Kroger to get her groceries Dale took her to Super Cuts to get her hair trimmed. Her haircut looked great but I think it was a little shorter than she likes. Oh well, it'll grow out.

I meant to take a photo of her but forgot. Instead I'll show you how she looked this fall when we went up there for a visit . Isn't she cute?

I can't help but wonder which would be more exciting - riding in the Wiener Mobile or in an ambulance IN THE MIDDLE OF A SNOW/ICE STORM?


  1. i don't think i caught it yet... when was it she called the paramedics? did you say in the middle of the night? LOL ,,,, l

  2. No, actually it was Monday morning :-)