Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yo Gaba Gaba

of all the bags I've made recently, this one is the most .... interesting. My sister commissioned it for my great-niece, Hayden, as a Christmas gift.  This photo is of Hayden on her 2nd birthday, note her t-shirt has one of the characters on it. Personally I think they're some freaky looking characters but evidently toddlers love them. The characters are from a kids show called Yo Gaba Gaba. yogabbagabba

Hayden has all the characters, and according to my sister she loves carrying them around... all  five of them, which can prove difficult for a two year old. Carol wanted a bag to make the job easier. The plan was to give Hayden her bag Christmas morning, stuffed with other gifts. Hayden, however had other ideas and found the bag early! 

Even if the surprise wasn't quite what was planned, the end result was a very happy little girl. 

And me, I'm having nightmares about Yo Gaba Gaba!

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