Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 - Collage-ing

I was looking through some photos and found these shots of a collage book I have. It was a project I was working on, just for fun.

Look how it started out.... a new year, thinking about the future, making resolutions, love the quote: "I learned that change is not easy, but it is possible"

Our lives are filled with windows, windows to the souls, the heart, the mind ....again with the quotes: "every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows"
 how's this one:  "my life is like a woven basket, I see it in pieces, all entwined, and just when I think I have the "picture' figured out the pattern is altered"
 brought to you from the letter "C"

 the story of life - love and marriage

another letter page - the letter "T"  - i love the word "trust" seen in the path of a tornado, isn't that life ???!

I had forgotten all about my book.
I think I need to go back and finish it, ....or at least work on it .

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  1. Wow, Sherri. I am really drawn to collage art, although I haven't done much of it myself. Your book is beautiful! Somewhere, I have a big fat notebook full of quotes and pictures I have clipped from magazines. Maybe it's time for me to make a book, too. I think it might be very therapeutic. Thanks for the inspiration!