Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soooooooooooo, Eddie came up to me yesterday with one of these in his hand.

He asked "Did you use this?"

mmmmmm, NO. Why would I use some random chapstick? Especially one that I know is NOT mine?
And besides - it's not my brand.

This is my brand.  

And I'm very sad because I only have ONE left 
and it's not like I can just trot on over to JAPAN to get another one.

There are no substitutes .... whatever will my chapped lips do????


  1. well, there are a lot of asian stores on buford hiway, and even pleasant hill towards duluth... i don't know which ones are korean, japanese, or chinese tho.... but maybe they could help you... l

  2. these characters you have to type in to post a comment are too funny..,. and sometimes confusing.... i couldn't decide if one of the letters was a b or a h.... and i guessed wrong... l

  3. I'm in luck, Sarah sent me a message saying her sister brought me some from her visit home for Christmas. Sorry about the characters, I have no control over it.