Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7 Last Hurrah!

Time for the college kids to go back to school. One last meal before they go. Most moms would go all out with a good home cooked meal of all their favorites. Not this mom! I'm tired of cooking and face it, dinner out beats mom's cooking any day.

It goes without saying that the meal will be at our favorite restaurant. It's been mentioned here before. Chinese!  Nothing better than sharing our favorite dishes from The Golden Palace Express.

doesn't that look yummy?

and this? Mmmmm, good!

Sarah ordered pot stickers. I'm not sure what they are but she seems to be enjoying them. When we left the owner was teasing her about eating them all. She could have been insulted but we all know he means well. He knows his regular customers and treats us all well. And besides, she's the size of a toothpick, she can afford to pack it away. (no, I'm not jealous or anything ;-) 

Ha! Caught you with your mouth full - chicken with vegetables in brown sauce. It was good but not our usual Hunan Chicken. I missed the spicy stuff so I ate off Andrew's order of orange peel chicken. Yummy! 

Sarah got a hold of the camera and took this shot of me. Doesn't she know that's not allowed? And don't I look like I need to be eating off both Andrew and Dale's plate??? 

Well, at least there's evidence that I was there, usually I'm the one that hides behind the camera....because, well , I'm fat and who needs to be reminded of that? Not to mention that crooked smile. 

I need to have a talk with the girl though and let her know the rule about NOT taking photos of me.

 This boy likes to pretend he doesn't notice when mom takes out the camera.  But it's pretty evident because I'm usually yelling something like "stop! don't move! wait a minute....there.  Oops, let's try that one more time. "

It's a good thing they love me!
 See how nicely they posed. Aren't they all just as cute as can be? 

  That's right, you love mom, right?

The three of them took off for Tennessee this morning. A lot of hurrying and scurrying, a little yelling, hugs all around and out the door in whoosh!

What's that?

Do you hear it?

Me neither. It's the sound of silence, peace and quiet. When they first went away I hated it.   But now, I've gotten used to it.

Love you guys! You too, Sarah. Good luck this semester. Study hard. Have fun. Stay out of trouble. And....don't forget to call home - I can only stand the silence for a little while.


  1. Love the post, and loved loved LOVED seeing a picture of you in it! You are BEAUTIFUL, inside and outside! And with your blogging, you are on a roll, for sure!

  2. I too am closing in on the empty nest and I am tired of cooking it seems it has been a long holiday. We had hamburger helper for supper last night and I didn't even care. Glad I saw your blog on Two peas.

  3. Looks like you all had a good time!